14.02.07 Behind Scenes:01/28-31 Jerez Test

昨年までこのコーナーで可夢偉はレースやテストを振り返ってきましたが、今年は”Kamui TV“でより詳細にみなさまにお伝えすることになりました。そこでこれからこのコーナーでは、動画の撮影ができないサーキットでの可夢偉の姿をマネージャー撮影の写真でお見せいたします。まずは1月下旬のヘレステストから、どうぞお楽しみください。 This year, Kamui will review every event he’s part of on “Kamui TV”, and here, on his official website, we will take you behind the scenes with photos taken by his manager, giving you exclusive access to Kamui’s 2014 season.




The Caterham hospitality unit was always full of guests enjoying the test.  Some of them come every year with the team as they love seeing how the tests work, and Caterham love having their supporters on track! And the Jerez paddock was as busy as ever, both because this was the only pre-season test in Spain and because of a man you may have heard of … Alonso. Whenever Fernando’s on track in Spain the stands are full and the paddock busy with fans desperate for a glimpse of their hero in Ferrari red.





Kamui’s seat fitting was done the night before Kamui drove CT05 for the first time. Here he is chatting with his race engineer Tim Wright (front) and Justin Loosley, the event team’s number one mechanic (back).  As always with testing the cars change quite a lot from test to test, so take a look at the headrest there, and then another after the Bahrain tests and see if you can spot the difference.




新しいヘルメットを磨く可夢偉。自分のことはなんでも進んで自分でするので、マネージャーは横で立っているだけでいいんです 笑。ちなみにレンタカーも彼が運転してくれます。毎日F1ドライバーの運転が体験できるのも役得のひとつです。ちなみにこのグレーのレーシングスーツは暫定で、本番用のスーツは次回バーレーンに登場する、はずです。可夢偉はテスト後、バーレーンに向けてしっかり晴れ用のバイザーに交換してから帰りました。


Kamui always likes to look after a lot of the details himself, so here he is polishing his new crash helmet (this is also good for his manager who just needs to stand next to him and watch!). Kamui also always wants to drive the rental cars, too which means anyone lucky enough to be in the passenger seat of his hire car is in a very unique position, being driven around by an F1 driver! Also, don’t worry about the grey overalls he’s in here… the real 2014 ones will be ready and being used at the next tests in Bahrain.  And before he left the circuit, he even changed a helmet visor from rain to dry for Bahrain test.






I have known Kamui for more than 10 years now and I guarantee he is ready for the season more than ever.  He is really pushing hard with his training program, but you still need time to relax away from the track, especially in Spain where the food is so good.  So, we decided to go out for dinner one night and Kamui found a restaurant that specializes in beef and pork.  We sat down, ordered the charcoal grilled beef and pork but when the waiter brought the dish it was full of raw meat! It turned out that specific menu was BBQ, so, even though that was a bit of a surprise, it was still really good – we can recommend it. But unfortunately, I forgot the name of restaurant……


photo & text by the manager